Building your very own outdoor Ice Rink

Have the winter spirit and want to set up your very own outdoor ice rink in your backyard? That’s awesome!

But hey, don’t forget about the importance of maintaining that icy wonderland once its built. Here are some tips for keeping your outdoor ice rink in check.

First things first, make sure you have a smooth and level surface. This will help prevent any bumps or uneven areas that could trip up those skating on your rink. You can use a snow shovel or a plow to clear the area and ensure it’s nice and flat.

Next up, consider investing in an ice rink liner which you can get from our online store here at 360 SportScapes and if we don’t have what you’re looking for we can source it for you!

These handy liners act as a protective barrier between the ground and the ice, helping to contain the water and maintain its frozen state. They also make it easier to remove any excess water when needed.

Now comes the fun part – filling up your rink with water! Start by spraying on thin layers of water at a time, allowing each layer to freeze before adding more. This will help create a solid base of ice. You’ll likely need multiple layers to achieve the desired thickness for skating.

As for maintenance throughout the season, keep an eye out for any cracks or damage in the ice. If you spot any weak spots or holes, patch them up using slush made from snow mixed with water – sort of like an icy DIY repair job!

Lastly, regular upkeep is essential to keep your backyard rink in optimal condition. Clear away any snow or debris that may accumulate on top of the ice surface regularly using a snow blower or shovel.

Now that you’re armed with these tips for building your outdoor ice rink, get ready to lace up those skates and enjoy hours of winter fun right in your own backyard!

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