360 SportScapes is a full service outdoor and indoor sports construction company that offers a full turnkey service for sports courts. From design, construction, and installation, 360’s innovative sport court systems are perfect for a variety of sports and a vast array of applications. Our sports surfacing line is the most advanced, durable, safe and environmentally-friendly product on the market.


360’s courts are perfect for a plethora of sports such as basketball, tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball, pickleball, shuffleboard, four square, handball, or a combination of any of the above with a multi-use sports court. Our sports courts are ideal for applications ranging from: homes, businesses, gyms, schools, city parks, condominium complexes, resorts, cruise ships, hotels, community centers, events, indoor sports facilities, fitness facilities, dance studios, and commercial properties – and everything in between. You can even use the court for miscellaneous uses like customizing your garage floor or surfacing for your pet area. 360 Sports courts are also the perfect solution for resurfacing old worn out or decrepit courts.

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360 athletic court systems ensure safety, comfort, playability and ultimate performance by utilizing the latest technological advancements available. Significant research shows that sports courts have amazing health benefits compared to the damaging effects of cement and asphalt surfaces as they offer the necessary lateral and vertical give to alleviate stress on the joints.


Our tiles are also shock-absorbent, which reduces fatigue, provides better ball bounce, and increased jumping and turning safety.

This surface also helps to protect against concussions and serious injuries from falls as it is much softer and safer then concrete or asphalt. The addition of 360 court will not only enhance the appearance of your home or business, but it will also provide an architectural focal point and help to increase a value of your property.

Whether you are trying to build a cutting­edge facility or the perfect backyard basketball court, 360 is the sports construction company that can provide you with quality service and installation. 360 helps to create your vision and give it your own personal touch with customizable sizes, unique logos and a large variety of custom colors. We also offer all the standard accessories a family or facility would need, including game lines, custom logos, basketball goals, tennis nets, containment netting, fencing, lighting and more. We even offer custom accessories from stamped concrete patios [put in link to Giordano Custom Concrete], outdoor kitchens and Ice Chilling Systems for ice rinks. Whatever your specification, no request is out of bounds for the 360 team.

360 Sports Team will not only design, manage and install each project to your custom specifications, but we will also remain with you for the lifetime of your investment. As such, many of our clients become returning customers. 360 is the total solution for all your sport surfacing needs and offers complete systems which perform significantly beyond our customers’ expectations. Let 360 help shape your individual athletic court project into a masterpiece.

These are just a few of the many products in stock and ready to ship. We can also customize courts to meet your specific needs and specifications, including customizing courts with logos and names.


  • Fast Drain Open Grid Surface allows water to drain quickly so you can start playing right after the rain stops

  • Heat-reflective design ­50 percent cooler than asphalt and concrete
  • Multi­Directional Flex Technology allows slight side-to-side movement providing forgiveness on the joints and back
  • 15-year warranty and a 25­-30 year life expectancy
  • Extra UV Protection is molded into each tile to ensure against color fade (10 times more than the average tile).
  • Multiple injection points and patented locking system uses six (6) locking points, keeping tiles flat and secure for uniform ball bounce
  • Low maintenance only requires blowing off leaves & hosing off dirt
  • Antimicrobial tiles protect against mold build up unlike conventional court surfaces

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