360 SportScapes is the #1 backyard basketball hoop installer in both New England and Southwest Florida. We offer a large array of basketball hoops and hoop accessories. We install hoops for residential, commercial and municipal applications and have installed basketball hoops in backyards, cruise ships, hotels, schools, businesses, churches, homes, parks, indoor sports facilities and more.

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We install both inground hoops and portable hoops. They’re vary from fully adjustable hoops, fixed height hoops, and wall mounted hoops. If there is an application or use for a hoop, we have installed it. We offer various hoop accessories which range from: pole pads, backboard pads, hoop mounted lights, rebounders, hoop nets and more. Our bball hoops are premium hoops, many of which offer lifetime manufacturer’s warranties.

We work with some of the best hoop brands in the world including

We also offer a 1-year installation warranty on all the backyard hoops we install. 360 has installed hoops in Massachusetts, Florida, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, North Carolina, Louisiana and all across the Caribbean; including Aruba, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad and more.


If you are going to install a home basketball hoop, 360 SportScapes is the company for the job. Our installers don't take shortcuts and make sure that hoops are installed the way the manufacturers intend and not the way that the big box stores have their hoops installed. Installing these hoops correctly is not a simple task, here are some items to consider:

  • Pricing depends on brand, size & access to area
  • It is a two-day process which requires a hole to be dug 4 foot deep by 2 foot wide
  • After the hole is dug, it is filled with around eighteen 80 lb bags of concrete (~1500 lbs) around rebar
  • The anchor is then set into the concrete to cure
  • Once the concrete is cured, we then come back a second day and assemble the hoop
  • To assemble the hoop safely on most hoops, it requires four people.


We are a full-service construction company that does hundreds of these a year, so we do it the absolute right way. For that reason, we typically charge between $1000-1800 on most in-ground hoops.

This pricing depends on a couple of different factors, most importantly, access from where we can pull a truck to where the hoop is being placed, as well as size & brand of the hoop.

We pride ourselves on providing the best products, top Notch Customer service and the best installation in the industry. If you can be flexible with the installation, we can typically get your hoop installed within a few weeks of when you purchase it from us.

Please let us know which hoop you are looking for & if you would like to schedule an installation. Thanks again for your interest in 360 Sports and we look forward to hearing back from you!