Synthetic grass and artificial turf are becoming more and more popular for small spaces and city living. 360 SportScapes has the perfect solution for roof decks, patios, pool areas, and other small spaces.

Synthetic grass gives you the perfect beautiful backyard with none of the hassle that comes with traditional, natural turf. 360’s synthetic grass is virtually maintenance free, requires no watering, mowing or fertilizer treatment, and will give you the natural feel you crave for a smaller space. Our artificial grass promotes a better environment for your urban residential lifestyle, while complementing standard materials such as decking, pavers and landscaping. Let 360 SportScapes transform your space into a beautiful outdoor living area!

Roof, Decks, Patios and Pools

360 artificial turf is also perfect for pool borders as it is durable and resistant to chlorine which would destroy natural grass. Synthetic grass is one of the hottest trends in the industry today and can be seen in many homes, landscaping, and architectural magazines.

360 is the industry leader in artificial turf products and we have installed more synthetic grass in small areas in and around Boston than any other company. From roof decks in Beacon Hill to patios in the South End, 360 is the ultimate choice for your artificial grass needs.

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