360 SportScapes Founder & CEO Ted Renda featured in the The Wall Street Journal

360 SportScapes Founder & CEO Ted Renda was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal discussing customization of ice rinks, pricing and more.

When it comes to ice rinks, some fanatics are pretty serious about their setup. Creating your own custom ice rink can be an exciting project that will take your love for the sport to a whole new level.

From choosing the right location and size for a rink to the proper liner and of course creating a smooth surface. 360 has guided many clients over the years through all the steps necessary to make their dream of having an ice hockey rink a reality.

Check out the featured WSJ article that covers NHL worthy backyard rinks being built by hockey diehards.

Thank you to Jessica Flint from the WSJ for the publicity and requesting our expert insight.

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360 Sportscapes becomes the first YardRink authorized installer serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire

We are proud to announce that 360 Sportscapes has become the first authorized installer for YardRink!

With years of experience helping homeowners create innovative backyard activity spaces for all seasons, the professionals at 360 Sportscapes are excited to work with YardRink. We understand that some homeowners would prefer to save time and hire a professional installer, especially with the challenges that winter brings when it comes to constructing and installing ice rinks.

As Ice rink season is fully upon us, 360 is your one stop shop for all things ice rinks and we are now able to team up YardRink, a locally owned company from North Andover, MA, to provide you custom ice rinks.

Beyond the installation of a brand-new YardRink, 360 Sportscapes can advise on various backyard rink accessories such as lighting, netting, liners, underwater lights and other ice rink items. 360 can also make recommendations on other future sports and recreation projects. For example, a sports court is a great addition to any backyard, as it can house the rink in the winter and also give you a place to play roller hockey and other sports during the other seasons of the year.

Creating an outdoor rink can be a time-consuming and challenging task, but with 360 Sportscapes, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

With 360 Sportscapes, you can let us handle all the details… Making it a true gift for both the kids and yourself! With YardRink being an official licensed product of the NHL, and with cold weather now here, 360 SportScapes is thrilled to be a YardRink installer bringing homeowners their own Winter Classic experience.

Please contact 360 Sportscapes for all your rink, sports and recreational needs at (877) 937-4360 or by e-mail at info@360sportssystems.com.

360 is based out of Windham, NH and is locally owned and operated.

Building your very own outdoor Ice Rink

Have the winter spirit and want to set up your very own outdoor ice rink in your backyard? That’s awesome!

But hey, don’t forget about the importance of maintaining that icy wonderland once its built. Here are some tips for keeping your outdoor ice rink in check.

First things first, make sure you have a smooth and level surface. This will help prevent any bumps or uneven areas that could trip up those skating on your rink. You can use a snow shovel or a plow to clear the area and ensure it’s nice and flat.

Next up, consider investing in an ice rink liner which you can get from our online store here at 360 SportScapes and if we don’t have what you’re looking for we can source it for you!

These handy liners act as a protective barrier between the ground and the ice, helping to contain the water and maintain its frozen state. They also make it easier to remove any excess water when needed.

Now comes the fun part – filling up your rink with water! Start by spraying on thin layers of water at a time, allowing each layer to freeze before adding more. This will help create a solid base of ice. You’ll likely need multiple layers to achieve the desired thickness for skating.

As for maintenance throughout the season, keep an eye out for any cracks or damage in the ice. If you spot any weak spots or holes, patch them up using slush made from snow mixed with water – sort of like an icy DIY repair job!

Lastly, regular upkeep is essential to keep your backyard rink in optimal condition. Clear away any snow or debris that may accumulate on top of the ice surface regularly using a snow blower or shovel.

Now that you’re armed with these tips for building your outdoor ice rink, get ready to lace up those skates and enjoy hours of winter fun right in your own backyard!

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Jumpstart Your Year!

As we gear up for a new year, why not consider a new SportScape?


In 2023 we had the opportunity to work on many projects that we are extremely proud of. Those projects also allowed us the to provide that unique 360 touch that we are well known for.

As we step into a year of new possibilities and adventure we’d love for you to consider us for your next SportScape services.

By request and for a limited time, we have extended our 5% OFF discount on all of our Basketball Hoops and Ice Skating rinks until January 15th 2024.

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Thank You! We look forward to working with you!

Sportscapes: The Perfect Gift To Create Lasting Memories

Are you  looking for the perfect holiday gift that combines the love of sports and unforgettable memories with your loved ones? Then look no further!

Whether your activities like ice hockey, ice skating, tennis or even basketball 360 Sportscapes can help you capture the essence and excitement of your favorite sports moments. Not only can we help bring those memorable sporting events to life, but also allow you to relive those exhilarating moments every time you glance at them.


Why do sportscapes make such great holiday gifts? It’s important to note that they can be incredibly versatile. The options are endless, whether you’re shopping for a die-hard sports fan or someone who simply appreciates beautiful artwork, sportscapes are sure to impress. They can add a touch of personality and passion to your backyard!

So this holiday season, consider giving the gift of a sportscape. It’s a thoughtful present that’s waiting to create lasting memories and experiences for you and your loved ones!

Let 360 help shape your ice rink into a masterpiece!
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In The News: 360 SportScapes Featured On WCVB!

360 SportScapes Founder & CEO Ted Renda & WCVB Meteorologist David Williams discussing Ice Rinks & how the weather plays an integral part in enjoying the winter ice rink season.

Check out Channel 5’s feature story which aired this past Tuesday December 5th on WCVB Channel 5 Boston. This is part of a series involving New England weather & our amazing outdoor ice rinks & hockey rinks.

Special thanks to channel 5 and David Williams for the publicity.

Let 360 help shape your ice rink into a masterpiece!
Call today to get the 360 Home Court Advantage!  
You Dream it… We build it!

Contact us or call the experts today at 360 Sportscapes to get details on your very own backyard ice rink at 877.937.4360.

Creative Ice Rink Ideas to Make Winter More Magical

Get ready to transform your backyard into a winter wonderland with these creative outdoor ice rink ideas. Whether you’re a hockey enthusiast or just love the magical experience of gliding on ice, these backyard rinks will take your winter fun to the next level.

From custom-built outdoor hockey rinks to DIY backyard ice rinks, there’s an option for every skill level and budget. Imagine the joy of hosting neighborhood skating parties or practicing your skills right at home. These backyard ice rinks not only provide hours of entertainment but also offer a great way to stay active during the colder months.

So dust off those skates and get ready for some frosty fun! Let’s dive into some creative ideas that will make your winter even more magical with an outdoor ice rink right in your own backyard.

  1. Theme-based Rinks: Take your backyard ice rink to the next level by incorporating a theme. From winter wonderland to hockey-themed rinks, let your imagination run wild and create a visually stunning setting.
  2. Family-friendly Fun: Make your backyard ice rink a hub for family entertainment by adding additional activities like snowball fights, hot chocolate stands, or cozy seating areas for spectators to cheer on their loved ones as they glide across the icy surface.
  3. Lighting Effects: Enhance the magical ambiance of your outdoor ice rink by adding creative lighting effects. Use fairy lights, spotlights, or even colorful LED strips to create an enchanting atmosphere.
  4. DIY Obstacle Course: Make skating more exciting by incorporating obstacles into your backyard ice rink. Set up cones, small jumps, or even create mini-hockey nets for some friendly competition.
  5. Cozy Seating Area: Don’t forget about creating a cozy seating area where you can relax and enjoy watching others skate. Add comfortable seating options like bean bags or outdoor cushions along with warm blankets for extra comfort.

Let 360 help shape your ice rink into a masterpiece!
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We’ve done it again as the Best of Northshore!!!

For another year we’re featured as the Best of Northshore!

Our 2023 acknowledgement is specifically in the Outdoor Specialty Category of Northshore Home Magazine!

360 SportScapes is a full-service sports construction company that specializes in athletic courts, ice rinks, batting cages, putting greens, pickleball courts, bocce courts, artificial turf and more. 360 provides commercial, residential, and municipal expertise throughout New England and Southwest Florida.

360 is the industry-leading court installation experts. We offer the most durable and environmentally-friendly products on the market. Our highly-advanced products can be installed anywhere from backyards and businesses to schools and country clubs and more! Above all, we offer an inclusive full turnkey service including design, construction, and installation.

We are committed to exceeding expectations by providing superior service and carefully managing all aspects of planning, installation, and quality control. Our detail-oriented approach and our partnership with top manufacturers allow us to provide the ultimate package for landscape and sports applications. We are the progressive leader in the industry due to our passion to set the standard for high quality. Our customers come first and we give you the individual attention you deserve.

Whether you are planning a backyard project for the family or a commercial project for your business or municipality, 360 SportScapes can help transform your space into an architectural focal point.

Let 360 help shape your individual project into a masterpiece!
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Backyard Ice Rinks 101

Ever dreamed of a backyard ice rink? 360 SportScapes is the #1 backyard hockey rink installer in New England and located right in Windham, NH. We specialize in customizing ice rinks and hockey rinks for every backyard & budget.

Let 360 turn your backyard from a dormant place to a winter wonderland!!

We have thought of everything from rink liners, boards and brackets to netting, underwater lights and accessories. 360 is your 1-stop shop for all things hockey and skating and is the backyard ice rink superstore. Check us out and you may just find yourself spending more time out in your backyard this winter then you did in the summer!


This is a personal preference that depends on many factors, but bigger is not always better. Consider the following:

Backyard Ice Rink sizeThe bigger the ice rink, the more time, and logistical challenges you will face, such as finding a flat enough area of your yard (see my commentary on slope above), backyard liners are more expensive and awkward to lay out, filling takes considerably longer, shoveling and resurfacing takes longer, set-up time takes longer, and requires more space for offseason storage. That said, a rink of 1,200 SF will be great for elementary age kids playing 3-on-3 but gets rather crowded if numbers increase anymore and/or bigger skaters are present. You will also want to consider distance from your house to the rink, and whether that’s an issue for the skaters in your family. If a smaller rink is footsteps away, vs a bigger rink that is 100 yards away, which one will your 8-year-old want to skate on?

Board size. There’s no doubt that taller boards are great for keeping the puck in play and allowing your kids to practice lifting the puck off the boards, but there are also issues to consider. Taller boards make it tougher for smaller kids to get onto the rink itself (unless there’s a door), requires a larger liner (assuming you want your liner to go up and over the boards), tougher to get snow up and over the sides while shoveling, and without a door will be nearly impossible to lift a snowblower onto the ice. That said, consider that knee-high boards (24” high) generally end up with even less height from ice to board top, depending on whether your yard’s slope and how many inches of water was required at the point. With lower boards the puck will bounce out of play more often, and there’s greater chance that a kid will occasionally trip and fall over the boards throughout the winter.

Taken altogether, there are tradeoffs either way so make sure you have your eyes wide open about the challenges with either strategy.



Conventional wisdom is to use an ice rink liner that is at least 5 feet wider and 5 feet longer than your ice rink boards, but the real answer depends on a) height of your boards, and b) do you want the liner to go up and over the boards (which we recommend), or do you intend to trim back the liner after freezing. If your boards are two feet high, then 2.5 feet on each end (or 5 feet longer, or 5 feet wider, in total) should be fine. But if your ice rink boards are higher on one of both sides, then you need to consider rink length + board height on both ends plus 12” inches of slack (6” on each side). If you have four-foot boards all around, for example, then you will want a liner 9-10’ taller (and/or wider) than your rink. If you have excess liner after filling and freezing, then just trim off the excess if you wish.

You will also want to leave some slack in the liner when filling so the water can fully reach every inch of the ground within your rink without stretching the liner at the top. You’ll also want to secure the liner to top of your boards just enough so that the entire liner stays above the water line during filling, but still with slack, and then after filling is complete you can create tighter fit with your liner all along boards.



First you need to calculate how many gallons of water is required. Each gallon is 7.48 cubic feet. Cubic feet = length x width x height (or ice thickness, in our case). So, take the average desired ice thickness across your entire rink (which for me was three inches of water in some areas, 18 inches thick in others due to slope, so overall roughly an average of 10 inches) x 50 feet length x 25 feet width = 1,041.67 cubic feet x 7.48 gallons/cubic feet = 7,800 gallons! That’s a lot of water.

Next question is how are you going to fill your backyard ice rink? There are several tanker truck companies that can deliver you water, but it’s not cheap at $400-500/truck and generally each truck can only hold 5,000 or 6,000 gallons, so that gets pricey. Or, you can use your garden hose. Many variables such as faucet PSI, hose length and thickness will determine flow rate of a garden hose…but many commentators believe it’s around 12-13 gallons per minute (or 720-780 gallons/hour). So at 7,800 gallons, my rink should take ~10 hours to fill…which is close to accurate.

Other Backyard Ice Rink considerations:

  • Water will flow to lowest elevation area first and will slowly expand outward from there. It may take literally hours until water covers the entire base of your surface before it begins rising vertically.
  • Consider whether your exterior faucets remain on during the winter, or do you have the sprinkler company turn them off? If they are off, then consider two solutions: 1) hire the water truck, or 2) consider running a hose from a laundry room or utilities room inside the house. Yes, it gets messy and requires a longer hose, but it works.

How do you know when fill is done? In the highest elevation area the water would only need to be three inches deep, so use measuring tape or homemade dip stick to dip into water at that point (assuming it’s along boards, of course) to estimate the depth. Err on the side of >3 inches if you can, just in case there is a slight leak somewhere.

If you would like a custom rink please contact us or call us at 877.937.4360!

Top 5 Backyard Ice Rink games everyone can enjoy

As we are coming upon the Holiday Season we thought it would be a good time to list our top 5 Fun games that can be played with friends and family on your 360 Backyard Ice Rink!

1. Freeze tag

Once a player is tagged by the designated tagger he or she has to freeze in place. To get unfrozen and back into the game they have to get tagged by someone else in the game who is not the tagger. If all players end up frozen then the tagger wins and a new tagger is chosen. Rotate taggers throughout the game..

2. Skate Chain

Players connect by holding the player in front of them on their waist. Once the Chain is formed the first person in the chain can skate any pathway he or she chooses for 1 minute. Rotate the leader of the chain so everyone gets a chance.

3. Follow the Leader

Designate 1 player as the leader. He or She gets to skate any pathway they want. The rest of the group has to follow him/her. After 1 minute rotate a new leader in so everyone gets the chance to be the leader.

4. Relay Races

Divide the group into 2 or 3 equal teams. A couple of variations for the races:
1. Forwards
2. Forwards Down and Backwards back
3. Skates have to stay on the ice (Good work on your edges)
4. Stickhandling a puck down and back
5. Stickhandle a puck down and make a pass back
6. Broomball 

This is for the group that is above 8 years old and wants some competition! No skates needed. Players play the same rules as Hockey except use an oversize foam ball and brooms as sticks. Best played 4 on 4 with no goalies but different modifications can be made.

For Safety reason players should have a helmet on for all of the games listed above


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