3 Huge Benefits of Synthetic Grass For Residential Lawns

When most people hear “synthetic grass”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is turf for sports stadiums and other athletic centers. While synthetic grass is what 360 Sports & SynGrassin Revere, MA enjoys providing for their sports customers, they also love bringing it to other customers like homeowners. Consider these three huge benefits of artificial grass and why homeowners should consider installing it.

Say “Goodbye” to Lawn Maintenance: With home ownership comes maintenance, especially when it comes to taking care of the lawn. Having artificial grass means the end of cutting the yard, fertilizing, watering, and other time-consuming yard work. Artificial grass will give you a great-looking lawn year-round without all the effort.

Pet And Kid Friendly: Artificial grass is totally safe for animals, children, and the environment, making it exceptionally convenient for parents. Having synthetic grass means no more worrying about the kids dragging in mud and being covered in grass stains when they are out playing in the yard. Furthermore, its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic qualities will help you breathe well and stay healthy year-round.

Greater Value:Artificial turf is a greater value for home owners in numerous respects. For one, investing in it automatically increases the value of the home. Secondly, artificial turf has a long life expectancy and drastically reduces landscaping costs. It’s also resistant to weather and drains five times faster than natural grass.

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