Why You Should Consider a Multi-Use Sport Court for your Backyard

Are you a homeowner that is looking to provide your children or extended family more fun when not working or in school? Maybe you are an athlete yourself and want to provide yourself and your loved ones an area to improve skills? If either of these applies to you, your family should consider the addition of a multi-use sports court for your backyard! As the leading expert​in building and installing these types of courts, we wanted to provide our site visitors a resource regarding the advantages of having one built for your home!

Staying Fit and Building Athletic Skillset

Whether you are looking to stay fit or ​provide an opportunity for your children that play sports competitively​…the installation of a multi-use sports court is proven to help improve skills in several ways. To start, you or your family will have ​unlimited and private access to an exceptional court​ anytime. From working on their basketball shot or backhand, access to train will never be ​the same with your own custom sports court.

Secondly, it is proven that athletes that play multiple sports as opposed to just focusing on one tend to perform better. The reason this occurs, especially in younger athletes, is because the act of playing two different sports works different muscle groups. It also gives athletes a better understanding of their body’s ability to move. One may be surprised to learn that the types of quick motions in tennis or pickleball easily translate to the basketball court and vice-versa. The ability to explore other sports also ensures athletes do not get worn out and breeds competitive nature.

Types of Sports You Can Play on a Multi-Use Court

Depending on your preferences and court size there are a wide variety of games and sports to play on a 360 SportScapes multi-use sports court​s. When first setting up the court, we will inquire about the expected main use of the court. The two types of we usually see are Basketball and Tennis courts. Additional lines can then be added! Check out the wide variety of additional court lines we can easily add!

Backyard Surface for Parties, Events & Even Ice Rinks!

A backyard multi-use court also will provide your home with an exceptional outdoor event hosting space! Family parties or BBQ’s are notorious for leaving the natural lawn area trampled and in need of re-seeding. Now, your event can be held on a sturdy surface without fear of the soggy lawn being ruined throughout the party.

360 SportScapes also offers its customers expert backyard Ice Rink building services. While we offer this atop lawns​, where we have strategies in place to minimize lawn damage. We recommend, when possible, installing the ice rink over an existing court or packed dirt. Make your backyard the destination of your neighborhood and​ family year-round with a multi-use sports court in the summer, spring, and fall, and a top-notch ice rink during the winter.

360 SportScapes: New England & Florida’s Leading Multi-Use Sports Court Builder

Contact our offices today to learn more about our multi-use sports court building process. Our team of sports court specialists are happy to provide you answers ​for all your residential sports court ​needs.