Tennis court maintenance for longevity and performance

Maintaining a tennis court is crucial for both its longevity and performance. Proper care not only ensures the safety of players but also enhances the overall playing experience.

Regular maintenance on a traditional tennis court involves cleaning the surface, repairing any damages, and ensuring proper drainage. Typically, tennis court care would include tasks such as regular sweeping to remove debris, pressure washing to clean the surface, and applying fresh coats of paint when needed, to significantly extend the lifespan of your court.

However, with the innovative sports court systems at 360 SportScapes, maintenance is minimal. The fast drain open grid surface for example allows water to drain quickly making it easy for you to jump right back in after rainfall. As the maintenance is pretty low, the main repetitive task will be blowing off leaves and hosing off dirt.

Whether you have a backyard tennis court or a professional one, investing time and effort into maintaining it will pay off in the long run. A well-maintained court not only looks better but also performs better, providing players with a consistent bounce and grip.

For those with home tennis courts, proper maintenance is key to enjoying the game for years to come. By staying on top of cleaning and repairs, you can create a safe and enjoyable space for family and friends to play tennis while preserving the value of your investment.

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