1aLooking to repair your old, cracked basketball or tennis court? Have an outdoor court that needs resurfacing? 360 SportScapes can easily and cost efficiently refurbish your existing outdoor multi­sport court. Why spend money on repainting lines every few years to make them look fresh or resurface your existing court with another asphalt topcoat that is going to crack in the harsh New England weather?

360 provide court resurfacing, using athletic court tiles that have pre-painted game lines that provide a uniform ball bounce and give your court a vibrant and pleasing appearance. Select from a multitude of base tile colors and any number of game line configurations you prefer. Not only will you enjoy a more comfortable playing surface, but our tiles come with a fantastic warranty and you’ll also revive the overall aesthetic of your area with a premium outdoor surface that will last for years.

In addition to enhanced playability you will also increase the amount of time you can spend out on the court.

360 tiles have a multitude of benefits so you can be sure when you choose 360 for your court resurfacing needs, you’re making the right choice!

  • Open grid service, allowing rapid water drainage so you can start playing right after the rain stops. ­ You won’t experience puddles for days like your old cracked court.
  • UV stabilized so they won’t fade from the sun.
  • Come with amazing health benefits compared to the damaging effects of cement and asphalt as they offer lateral and vertical give to alleviate stress on the joints – this is especially beneficial to help protect children and seniors.

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