PRO-GOAL 4′ X 6′ – 1 3/8″ PIPE




Goal Profile: Grade 8 bolts lock it together. No swages, indicating thinner wall tubes. Regulation size and lighter weight, Yet adults slap shots will not break goal!! Truly portable -locking steel sleeves and “Quick Cable” system allows goal to be stored six inches high in just seconds Attractive rounded base and top shelf, the skirting is included! For Ice or Deck, driveway, street, or pond action! It’s slap shot and weather proof! Ships mostly assembled. SIZE – 72″ x 48″ Regulation size goal, 15″ top shelf, 33″ deep at base STRENGTH – 100% galvanized steel!, 1 3/8″ frame, .065″ thick, 16 gauge! Weighs approximately thirty-seven pounds. Will not rust or rot! 565# knotless nylon netting – 1 1/2″ mesh, 5 mm-1/4″ thick. UV treated. STYLE – Instant “Quick Cable” system – Welded wire along crossbar Top shelf, Curved base, Diagonal bar, & Skirting – included!