We are VERY excited to offer you these ENGINEERED board with AWESOME backyard ice rink advancements! NiceRink Plastic Interlocking Sideboards are the perfect perimeter board to use with your NiceRink Brackets. Through a vision set into place back in 1991, NiceRink continues to research & improve upon its ORIGINAL and SIMPLE backyard ice rink system. Check out these improved plastic boards to use in conjunction with your NiceRink Brackets. The plastic boards will last for years to come, allowing you to think about passing them on down through the family for years. With an aluminum insert along the back of the board for added stability on rink sites that have more slope and deeper water/ice up to 14″ without additional support, We have also added a cavity within the back of the board that will accomodate a 1″x4″x19″ board.

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