On Newer Developments for Synthetic and Artificial Turf

When most people think about artificial turf, they usually think about old-style turf often used on athletic fields, which never looked or felt like real grass. Modern synthetic grass options now both look and feel like natural grass, with the advantages of not needing water and only needing minimal maintenance — while still looking beautiful and natural.

Modern synthetic grass is more environmentally friendly than ever, not just because of the ability to conserve water, but because modern technology has allowed us to make a more environmentally-friendly product that doesn’t emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or toxic chemicals. One of the coolest innovations with modern synthetic turf is you can now design your play surface using a variety of colors and options.

synthetic grass

This means you can have the field of your dreams without having to worry about the regular maintenance and repairs that are necessary with natural sod and grass. We can ensure you not only have the right kind of synthetic turf for your needs, but that it’s installed correctly — thereby eliminating drainage or flooding problems that can occur when artificial turf is not properly installed. Our professionals will make sure you order the correct amount of materials the first time, so your turf can be installed on time with no budgeting surprises.

Some pet owners have traditionally stayed away from synthetic grass because older artificial grass applications trapped pet waste, causing odors and staining of the turf. Newer synthetic installations use a specially designed backing to allow for pet waste to disperse and, when combined with proper installation techniques, allow for drainage and waste neutralization.

All you need to do is pick up solid pet waste and hose down your turf on a regular basis and that is it. You don’t have to worry about brown spots or the erosion of high traffic areas, and you also don’t have to worry about pesticides and pest control that can be harmful to your furry family members. This makes artificial turf ideal for your beloved pets.

artificial grass

The newest artificial grass options can also provide erosion control, which is important in sensitive areas and can help you to create a natural look, even in areas where it is difficult to maintain a natural lawn. Because of the ability to add superior drainage options under an artificial surface, which you would not be able to do under natural grass, you can solve flooding and drainage issues in problem areas where it has been traditionally difficult to grow or maintain grass. A synthetic lawn or sports playing surface can be the ultimate solution in areas where, due to droughts or flooding conditions, natural grass is not practical.


Moreover, mixing synthetic grass with natural landscaping gives you more options than ever before — allowing you to add shade through trees and other plants, and still reduce the amount of maintenance required. With a quality synthetic lawn, it is almost impossible to tell that the lawn is not natural until you touch it. Due to watering and environmental concerns, more HOAs are allowing synthetic lawns. If your HOA (homeowner association) has rules against a synthetic lawn installment, we can provide you with information and pictures of recent applications installed by 360 Sports Systems, and in many cases, HOAs will change their rules once you demonstrate that your lawn will meet all of the same aesthetics as a natural lawn.


You can also, easily and quickly, cool artificial turf down by watering it and installing shade over play areas and other areas where you want to control the temperature of your synthetic lawn.


Though you can head over to your local do-it-yourself store to purchase synthetic grass, often these stores do not carry the higher quality options that look the most natural and are designed for pets and other specialty applications. To get the best looking artificial lawn, a professional install will make all of the difference. Incorrectly installed synthetic lawns can have issues with drainage, slime, and mold. As such, these installations often do not last as long as a professional installation, requiring you to replace the turf long before you should have to. In the short term, doing it yourself might save you some money, but in the long term you will absolutely see savings with a professional job.


360 Sports Systems can take care of the planning, measuring, and installation for your synthetic needs. We will help you with every step of the process and even provide you with samples, so you can see and feel the texture. We will show you all of our options and customize it to your desires and we will make sure the right drainage is appropriate for your specific needs, so you never have a mushy, moldy, or slimy lawn.


At 360 Sports Systems, we will help you find the right synthetic grass that will give you both the function and look you want. Let’s chat today!