360 SportScapes specializes in customizing ice rinks to fit your yard and budget and our clients are amazed by how easy and affordable it is to transform their dormant backyard into a winter wonderland. Each 360 rink is fully custom-designed for your unique outdoor space.

Some Of The Many Benefits Of Choosing A Custom Ice Rink

○ Custom board sizes to fit your needs, from 12 inches to 4 feet in height

○ Easy brackets or ground stakes

○ Three types of ice rink liners to choose from

○ Board padding for protection and safety

○ Ice resurfacing services

○ Safe for use on all surfaces – our backyard ice rinks will not harm your grass

○ Reusable for years to come

○ Customizable surface sizes to fit your outdoor space

○ Easy to store during the off­season

○ Easy maintenance: shovel snow from the surface
when needed


Costs vary depending on the size and materials. Brackets, board height, netting, lighting, and padding can contribute to the final costs. Average costs range from $1,250­ to $3,200 for starter kits including installation. Size range is 20×40 up to a 40×80 for typical sizes quoted.

No. In fact, most yards we install our backyard ice rinks on are not level. The maximum grade differential is 14” without extra support.

Materials can last for many years of service, and accidental damage can be repaired. Generally, the skating season is from mid-December to the beginning of March.

The best time to have a backyard ice rink installed is around Thanksgiving or before the ground freezes!

Treat it like your sidewalk – shovel when needed. Some additional flooding is needed, depending on usage.

Grass goes dormant in the fall. The liner actually will protect your grass from being saturated with moisture from the snow. In most cases it will be greener and healthier the following year.

You will need to store the boards and brackets for the following year. Most customers store these their shed.

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