From Putting Greens to Playgrounds, Learn What 360 Sports & SynGrass Can do For You

360 Sports & SynGrass in Revere, MA can turn any open space into a top-of-the-line athletic training area! Their massive variety of products and one-on-one approach to customer service allows them to create unique environments that perfectly suit the needs and specifications of each customer.

Their team of installation technicians and collegiate and professional athletes work together, bringing a high level of expertise to every job. The technicians can come up with logistical solutions for even the most unique situations, and the athletic team offers helpful insight on performance and daily use.

People from northern New England trust 360 Sports & SynGrass for all of their sporting environment needs. From educational institutions and gyms to private homes, here are just a few of the amazing options available from these athletic professionals:

  • Athletic Courts:360 Sports & SynGrass can design, construct, install and provide maintenance on sports courts of all kinds, including basketball, tennis, multi-game, indoor, and custom designed courts.
  • Sports Turf & Synthetic Grass: Synthetic turf is cheaper to maintain and longer lasting than natural grass, so it’s ideal for high-traffic sports fields. It’s also safer for players because it has a bit of give and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. Many clients also request synthetic grass for playgrounds, residential yards, and commercial office parks.
  • Putting Greens: 360 Sports & SynGrass can design and install putting greens that feel just like the real thing without all of the constant upkeep and maintenance!
  • Pet Turf: For homeowners who want zero yard maintenance, as well as those creating dog parks and other public spaces, 360’s Pet Turf does the trick. Unlike standard artificial turf, Pet Turf ensures that urine doesn’t bond with the turf backing, so there’s never a smell or staining issues.

For all of your athletic environment and unique landscaping needs, call 360 Sports & SynGrassat (617) 480-1637.