Featured Brand: Dominator – Basketball Hoops and more

We are always excited to work with quality brands at 360 Sportscapes, which is why being an authorized installer for Dominator and selling their Basketball Hoops/related products was a no brainer!

For years we’ve assisted homeowners in creating innovative backyard activity spaces for all seasons, as such the professionals at 360 Sportscapes are excited to not only sell but also install Dominator products. While many may go the DIY route, we also understand that some homeowners would prefer to save time and hire a professional installer. Especially when the investment can be significant, it would be best to let the experts handle it.

As we slowly exit the colder months, we know many are already thinking about gearing up for spring and beyond. 360 is your one stop shop for all things SportScapes and are eager to get you up and going once that time comes around.


Beyond the installation of your Dominator Basketball Hoop, 360 Sportscapes can advise on various backyard court accessories such as lighting, netting and other related items. 360 can also make recommendations on other future sports and recreation projects.

With 360 Sportscapes, you can let us handle all the details…while you have the fun!

Please contact 360 Sportscapes for all your sports and recreational needs at (877) 937-4360 or by e-mail at info@360sportssystems.com.

360 is based out of Windham, NH and is locally owned and operated.