Featured Brand: Flexcourt – Multi-Sport Courts and more

Here we are again with  another featured brand, FlexCourt. For over 40 years they’ve provided affordable, high-quality courts to backyards, homes and facilities to create long lasting memories. Best of all, it’s proudly made right here in the USA!

360 Sportscapes is always proud to suggest their products to families wanting safe, multi-game experiences in their backyard or home as well as athletes that are looking to extend playing time. FlexCourt products are ideal for schools and community playgrounds needing to resurface old floors and courts (it can be installed over existing surfaces). Best of all, their products are great for events – from sports facilities to pop-up competitions.

Spring is in the air, which means opportunities to partake in additional sports. 360 is your one stop shop for all things SportScapes and we are eager to get your home and business recreation projects installed this spring and summer!

Of course beyond the installation of your multi-sport court, 360 Sportscapes can advise on various additional accessories such as lighting, netting and other related items. 360 can also make recommendations on other future sports and recreation projects.

With 360 Sportscapes, you can let us handle all the details…while you have the fun!

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360 is based out of Windham, NH and is locally owned and operated.

Backyard Multi-Sports Courts everyone can enjoy

Backyard multi-sports courts have become a popular addition to many homes, offering a versatile space for various sports and activities. These courts are designed to accommodate different sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, pickleball, shuffleboard, four square, and handball.

A backyard basketball court is a common feature in these multi-sport game courts. It provides an ideal space for basketball enthusiasts to practice their skills or enjoy friendly games with family and friends. With the right dimensions and surface materials, these courts can replicate the feel of a professional basketball court.

Tennis lovers can also benefit from having a backyard tennis court. These courts can be customized to meet specific requirements and provide an excellent opportunity for players to improve their game without having to visit public tennis facilities.

In addition to basketball and tennis, multi-sport game courts can be designed with markings for other sports like volleyball, soccer, pickleball, shuffleboard, four square, and handball. This versatility allows homeowners to enjoy a wide range of activities in their own backyard.

The benefits of having a backyard multi-sport game court are numerous. It provides convenience by eliminating the need to travel to public facilities or pay membership fees. It also offers privacy and flexibility in terms of scheduling games or practice sessions.

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated space for your favorite sport or want to create an entertainment area that caters to multiple activities, investing in a backyard multi-sport game court can be a great choice. With proper planning and design considerations, you can transform your outdoor space into an exciting hub for sports and recreation right at home.

Contact us or call the experts today at 360 Sportscapes to get details on your very own Backyard Multi-Sports court and more at 877.937.4360.

Featured Brand: Dominator – Basketball Hoops and more

We are always excited to work with quality brands at 360 Sportscapes, which is why being an authorized installer for Dominator and selling their Basketball Hoops/related products was a no brainer!

For years we’ve assisted homeowners in creating innovative backyard activity spaces for all seasons, as such the professionals at 360 Sportscapes are excited to not only sell but also install Dominator products. While many may go the DIY route, we also understand that some homeowners would prefer to save time and hire a professional installer. Especially when the investment can be significant, it would be best to let the experts handle it.

As we slowly exit the colder months, we know many are already thinking about gearing up for spring and beyond. 360 is your one stop shop for all things SportScapes and are eager to get you up and going once that time comes around.


Beyond the installation of your Dominator Basketball Hoop, 360 Sportscapes can advise on various backyard court accessories such as lighting, netting and other related items. 360 can also make recommendations on other future sports and recreation projects.

With 360 Sportscapes, you can let us handle all the details…while you have the fun!

Please contact 360 Sportscapes for all your sports and recreational needs at (877) 937-4360 or by e-mail at info@360sportssystems.com.

360 is based out of Windham, NH and is locally owned and operated.

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How A Backyard Sports Court Will Increase your Property Value

There are many remodeling and renovation projects that homeowners often do to increase the value of their homes, whether this is a new bathroom or a new addition to a house. While these are excellent ways to improve property value, other ways can hold more benefits in the long run. Installing a backyard sports court such as a basketball courttennis court, or multi-sports court will be an addition that you and your family can use for years while it also dramatically increases the value of your home.

Overall Good Investment

A backyard sports court is a luxurious home investment that will continue to rise in profit. Studies show that having a sports court will initially increase a property’s value anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 and that will just increase over the lifetime of the home. Having a court in your backyard will provide not only a good real estate investment, but also provides a health and wellness initiative for you and your family. Additionally, your family will be able to exercise in the privacy of your own home versus using public courts and other public options.

Low Maintenance:

Another project that many homeowners do to increase their property value is to install a pool. Although pools can be a fun way to spend time with friends and family, they are very hard to keep clean and work properly. Pools require a lot of attention and money to keep them spotless and looking nice. Not to mention, in the winter months, they are not useable. A sports court will also bring the same amount of fun that families can enjoy past the summer months. Sports courts are also very low maintenance and durable throughout the harsh winter. The court material is antimicrobial, making them resilient to mold or dirt build-up.


Landscaping a yard needs to be kept up regularly to keep a property looking in good shape. However, landscaping can be very time-consuming and extremely expensive. Having a backyard sports court such as a basketball or tennis court can remove some of that landscaping hassle. Our SportScapes experts will work with you to map out the perfect spot in your yard to install your custom court. Additionally, these courts can also be customized and designed the way you want so they will match your yard even better! Stop worrying about spending money on landscape maintenance and install a multi-purpose sports court that will bring long-lasting value and fun to your property and family.

Contact 360 SportScapes:

Increase your property value as well as your overall health by having a backyard basketball, tennis, or multi-sports court. Contact one of our SportScapes experts today to have a high-quality and durable court in your own backyard!

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How a Backyard Basketball Court Can Improve Health and Wellness Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot of important things. It caused people to start being more conscious of their health and wellness, both physically and mentally. It also taught us to spend time with our loved ones and to appreciate social interactions. An excellent way to achieve all these important things is by installing a basketball, tennis, or any other sports court right at home. Having a sports court installed at home will positively impact physical and mental health and allow for those social interactions. Learn about all the ways that an outdoor basketball court can help improve your health and wellness post-pandemic.

Physical Health

Basketball is a very intense game that requires a lot of focus, strength, and stamina. Having a basketball court right at home can help build lower and upper body strength over time while perfecting hand-eye coordination. Being active will also improve overall health, from improving respiratory to cardiovascular functions.

Mental Health

In addition to physical health benefits, being active also has a significant influence on mental health. Participation in physical activities such as basketball causes a release of a hormone called endorphins. Endorphins boost self-esteem, happiness and reduce stress. It is also shown that endorphins can help depression and anxiety. Take advantage of a backyard basketball court to improve your physical and mental health after the hardships of this pandemic.

Social Interactions

Being restricted with social interactions was very hard on everyone’s social life, especially children who need social interactions to achieve normal growth development and communication skills. With schools being shut down, remote learning, and social distancing, children could not have these regular social interactions with other children. Now that summer is here, and most people are vaccinated, it is more important than ever to increase those social interactions for your kids. Having a basketball court installed in your backyard is a fun and safe way for kids to play their favorite games, hang out with friends and make new ones. Sports courts can also double as tennis courts that will just increase the fun for your children!

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of stress and hardships to families across the world. Restore some of those hardships by having fun and spending time with family and friends. If you are interested in installing a sports court at home, contact 360 SportScapes and start focusing on your health and wellness!

You Dream It. We Build It.

Asphalt vs. Synthetic Basketball Courts

With summer being finally here, people are now able to have fun with their favorite hobbies outside again. Before grabbing your friends and a basketball, it is important to know what the pros and cons are of playing on different court materials. Certain materials can affect players’ health, physical ability and just the fun of the game!


There are many pros that come with synthetic basketball courts. One of the biggest pros is they are softer and less damaging on the body when players fall. Because they are a softer material than concrete or asphalt, they act as a shock absorber which is crucial for long term knee and joint health. In addition to those benefits, synthetic courts do not attract the heat that asphalt does. Because asphalt is so dark it heats up very quickly in the summer months which can make playing very difficult and uncomfortable which is not something you have to worry about with synthetic courts. With synthetic courts, you also have the freedom to customize the color and size to build your dream basketball court.


Asphalt basketball courts are very common to see in parks and outdoor community centers. Although asphalt courts are very prominent, they can cause a lot of wear and tear on players’ bodies. Basketball is a very high impact sport which causes a lot of falling throughout the game. Because asphalt is such a hard material, players can often injure themselves while falling. In addition, long-term playing on a hard material like asphalt can cause a condition called “jumper’s knee”. This occurs when there is repetitive jumping which results in stress on the player’s knees causing inflammation and deterioration of the patella tendon.

However, asphalt courts are not all bad. A big pro to asphalt basketball courts is that they are a less expensive option. Another pro is that they are very easy to maintain in all weather conditions which is great with temperamental New England weather. It is very easy to plow an asphalt court and not worry that you are permanently damaging it.

Take into account these pros and cons of different material courts before you start your basketball game. If you are a business or homeowner interested in installing a basketball court, contact 360 Sportscapes today!

Why You Should Consider a Multi-Use Sport Court for your Backyard

Are you a homeowner that is looking to provide your children or extended family more fun when not working or in school? Maybe you are an athlete yourself and want to provide yourself and your loved ones an area to improve skills? If either of these applies to you, your family should consider the addition of a multi-use sports court for your backyard! As the leading expert​in building and installing these types of courts, we wanted to provide our site visitors a resource regarding the advantages of having one built for your home!

Staying Fit and Building Athletic Skillset

Whether you are looking to stay fit or ​provide an opportunity for your children that play sports competitively​…the installation of a multi-use sports court is proven to help improve skills in several ways. To start, you or your family will have ​unlimited and private access to an exceptional court​ anytime. From working on their basketball shot or backhand, access to train will never be ​the same with your own custom sports court.

Secondly, it is proven that athletes that play multiple sports as opposed to just focusing on one tend to perform better. The reason this occurs, especially in younger athletes, is because the act of playing two different sports works different muscle groups. It also gives athletes a better understanding of their body’s ability to move. One may be surprised to learn that the types of quick motions in tennis or pickleball easily translate to the basketball court and vice-versa. The ability to explore other sports also ensures athletes do not get worn out and breeds competitive nature.

Types of Sports You Can Play on a Multi-Use Court

Depending on your preferences and court size there are a wide variety of games and sports to play on a 360 SportScapes multi-use sports court​s. When first setting up the court, we will inquire about the expected main use of the court. The two types of we usually see are Basketball and Tennis courts. Additional lines can then be added! Check out the wide variety of additional court lines we can easily add!

Backyard Surface for Parties, Events & Even Ice Rinks!

A backyard multi-use court also will provide your home with an exceptional outdoor event hosting space! Family parties or BBQ’s are notorious for leaving the natural lawn area trampled and in need of re-seeding. Now, your event can be held on a sturdy surface without fear of the soggy lawn being ruined throughout the party.

360 SportScapes also offers its customers expert backyard Ice Rink building services. While we offer this atop lawns​, where we have strategies in place to minimize lawn damage. We recommend, when possible, installing the ice rink over an existing court or packed dirt. Make your backyard the destination of your neighborhood and​ family year-round with a multi-use sports court in the summer, spring, and fall, and a top-notch ice rink during the winter.

360 SportScapes: New England & Florida’s Leading Multi-Use Sports Court Builder

Contact our offices today to learn more about our multi-use sports court building process. Our team of sports court specialists are happy to provide you answers ​for all your residential sports court ​needs.