Basketball Court Resurfacing

360 SportScapes

    360’s Basketball courts are ideal for applications ranging from: homes, businesses, gyms, schools, city parks, condominium complexes, resorts, cruise ships, hotels, community centers, events, indoor sports facilities, fitness facilities, dance studios, and commercial properties – and everything in between. You can even use the court for miscellaneous uses like customizing your garage floor or surfacing for your pet area.

    Why Choose 360 Sportscapes?

    Our Tiles Have A Multitude Of Benefits So You Know You Are Making The Right Choice

    Open grid service, allowing rapid water drainage so you can start playing right after the rain stops. You won’t experience puddles for days like your old cracked court. UV stabilized so they won’t fade from the sun. Come with amazing health benefits compared to the damaging effects of cement and asphalt as they offer lateral and vertical give to alleviate stress on the joints – this is especially beneficial to help protect children and seniors.