Get the Best Basketball Court for your Backyard from 360 Sports & Syngrass.

basketball court backyardFamilies can benefit from having a basketball court in their very own backyard. While adults can promote interaction by having a pick-up game with friends or neighbors, children can learn by example and do the same. Having your own backyard basketball court cuts down on the expense of purchasing a gym membership, employing a personal trainer, or driving out of your way just to receive a light work-out.

An outdoor basketball court is a superbly effective use of spare space in any large backyard, as well as a fun place for both adults and children to socialize and enjoy themselves. Whether you are planning on playing an aggressive team game or instead taking part in a laid back pick-up game with friends after work has finished, basketball is great because it lets players of every age and ability have an opportunity to shine. If you are interested in having your own dream residential basketball court installed in your front garden, backyard or driveway, or even in a school playground, gym or public park, there are many aspects to bear in mind before buying.

Today’s sport surfacing systems offer many color choices from bright colors like orange, yellow, and red to warmer colors like blue, green, or beige. Lighter colors can reflect the sun and provide a cooler playing surface where dark colors can help to draw warmth from the sun’s rays. This is good for cooler climate areas and to melt snow faster during the winter. Whatever color you choose, you can be sure that your home basketball court will provide many years of enjoyment and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The installation of one of our custom designed sports surfaces means that road trips to the local park or gym are instantly a thing of the past. Moving forward, the farthest commute you’ll experience in search of the games you love will be the one from the couch to the backyard. And once you get there you’ll experience the game on a unique surface made from built-in flexion and built to reduce stress and fatigue and prevent injuries. It’s a long way from the pounding you can expect from normal concrete pick-up courts, and with the increased traction you’ll also experience you can expect increased performance no matter which sport you pursue.

backyard basketball court360 Sports and Syngrass offers an intrinsic value that goes beyond amazing access to the games you love. Consider for a moment not only the unique aesthetic value will add to your home and backyard but also the added value it’s certain to bring. It’s safe to say that very few homes in your neighborhood or any other will be able to boast of such a unique and versatile backyard area, and that means value no matter how you look at it. In this regard, a sports court from 360 Sports and Syngrass is truly an investment, one that grows in equity both in terms of the quality of your family time and the value of your home moving forward.

When choosing a basketball court for your backyard, you need to first determine how big it can be, whether it will be regulation or half court, and what you want for surfacing. You can have traditional concrete or asphalt outdoor court surfacing, or you can employ the use of a turf-like material that will allow you to have less maintenance and wear on your basketball courts. The colors that you have to choose from are endless, as well. You can find every color and style imaginable, and if you don’t find what you want, it can be created for you.

Most homeowners opt for a half court that will fit a little better in the space they have available and still provide a great place to shoot some hoops.

If you are interested in a full court, you will need a space that is at least 60 feet wide and 100 feet long, which means this type of amenity is going to take up some serious real estate.

However, if you opt for a half court you only need a space that is about 30 feet wide and 50 feet long.

More importantly, if a half court will fulfill your basketball needs, this really opens up your options for installing a multi-sport court your family can continue to enjoy as interests change.

backyard basketball courtYour backyard should be a place where family and friends gather for fun and relaxation. There are times when weather conditions can prevent that from happening. Perhaps, rain or melting snow has caused the grass to be too wet and soggy for use. That happens too often, especially when you’re dealing with the unpredictable weather that Massachusetts throws at you. It’s time for a change; a change to a 360 Sports Courts.

By having a Sports Court installed in your backyard, it suddenly will become the sports haven you’ve always dreamed of. Whether your game is basketball, badminton, even bocce or pickleball, we have the experience and dedication to make your vision a reality. Here are a few of the ways the professional staff at 360 can make it happen for you.

Why choose a sports court for your backyard?

There are a number of reasons why a backyard sports court will prove to be a wise investment.
Our courts are safe for your family and pets
No more mowing, watering or feeding your grass
Resistant to mud holes and worn out areas
Environmentally friendly
Anti-Bacterial, Hypo-Allergenic, eliminates bugs
Safer and more forgiving than a natural surface

In addition to these benefits, Sports Courts will save you money over the long run. All you will have to do for maintenance is sweep and power-wash it occasionally. The money you’ll save when compared to the normal maintenance of an asphalt court will surprise you.

Customizable design options

sport courtsOf course, you want your sports court to be attractive. With 360 Sports, you can design the exact plan you have in mind.
Design specifications to fit your backyard size and shape
15 designer colors to choose from
Custom colors if needed
Numerous logos and surface designs,
Sports applications range from tennis, basketball, hockey, pickleball, 4square, shuffleboard, and many other courts.more.

A professional, dedicated, and experienced staff

When you come to us you will receive our full attention. Your vision becomes our top priority. From designing to construction, installation, and service, we are with you every step of the way through your 360 Sports experience. Our customers come first at 360 Sports. When it’s time for building Sports Court, contact us and we’ll make your vision a reality!

From the couch to your Backyard Athletic Court.

synthetic tennis courtSometimes it’s hard to believe there was a time when outdoor activities were a mainstay of the average child’s life. The ascent of the Internet, television and video games has produced a more sedentary generation of children, which is a nice way of saying out of shape. What to do with a generation of children that is on average heavier and unhealthier than previous ones? Introduce them to fun and fitness in the comfort of their own home with an athletic court from 360 Sports and Syngrass.

The games of youth are all in play on our customized and patented sports courts. From outdoor basketball courts and tennis courts to roller hockey rinks, badminton courts, and gym flooring, we’ll replace the couch with an instrument of fun for the whole family. Our durable and stylish sports flooring make a great addition to any backyard, as well as a wonderful and easy to access incentive for kids to add exercise to their daily routine. And with studies showing that more kids than ever are either overweight or on the verge of being so, what could be more important?

Of course, the transition from a potentially overweight child to healthy one can’t be accomplished overnight. It’s a step by step transition and one that can quite literally be cushioned by 360 Sports specially designed sports courts, these courts were designed specifically to reduce stress and fatigue and to absorb impact. The end result is a reduction in injuries and soreness, allowing your child to avoid becoming discouraged and continue along the road to a healthier way of life.

Our athletic backyard courts are built for life. Unlike other sports flooring, 360 Sports and Syngrass will stand up to the tough demands of the weather and serious gameplay, eliminating the need for court recoating and will not fade, crack or peel. 360 Sports is the most durable and cost-effective sports flooring system in the market today. In any season an outdoor multi-court will deliver healthy fun for your whole family.

All our courts are fully customizable and available in a multitude of colors so you can create your perfect at home athletic court. Be the envy of your neighbors with a sports court by 360 Sports and Syngrass.

Fencing an Athletic Field or Court

athletics backyard courtFencing an athletic field or court can be a challenge. Not only do they cover large amounts of area, but the fences themselves have to be suitable to the needs of the players. A fence for a soccer field may be different from a fence for a baseball field, depending on the amount of space involved. Here are some of the major aspects that you need to consider before you commit to a design.

What Is the Purpose of the Fence?

The purpose of the fence is very important. Some fences are designed just to mark off areas for a sport to be played; for instance, you may want to install a casual fence around a soccer field, not to keep the balls in the field but to give players a designated area. These fences can be practically any type of fence, and they don’t need to go all the way around — they just have to suggest a perimeter. For sports like the equestrian arts, you may need a more traditional, wooden fence, which is safer for both the horse and the rider — and is designed to keep the horses in. For sports like baseball or basketball, you may need a chain-link fence that wraps around the entire perimeter.