4 Reasons Artificial Grass is a No-Brainer for Indoor Arenas and Sports Complexes

Indoor sports arenas and fitness arenas have obvious, enormous benefits; games can go on rain or shine, climate control helps keep the audience comfortable, and the space can usually be used for a variety of activities. However, keeping turf healthy in any indoor environment is difficult, if not impossible, which is why so many enclosed stadiums and arenas opt for synthetic grasses for their facilities. 360 Sports & SynGrass, artificial turf specialists serving New England and southwest Florida, explains the advantages that make synthetic grass such a no-brainer.

Easy Maintenance – Even outdoors, maintaining real grass requires a significant amount of effort. From fertilizing and planting to dealing with brown or dead patches, there is always more work to be done. Artificial grasses don’t need much maintenance and can be placed anywhere.

Increased Durability – Not only is artificial turf much more durable than live grass, it’s also tougher than many other indoor court materials available.

Enhanced Safety – Synthetic grass provides more fiction than live grass, which creates a safer field with more slip resistance.

More Versatility – Some games, like football, soccer, and baseball, just have to be played on a grass surface. Having high-quality synthetic turf indoors makes playing these games inside possible, maximizing your space and creating a more comfortable environment for the players and everyone else.

360 Sports & SynGrass offers an incredible variety of artificial turf options that look just like the real thing. Visit their website to see their products and services, or just call (877) 937-4360 to discuss your project with the pros today.