3 Compelling Reasons to Install a Sports Court Today

Professional athletic courts help promote physical activity and keep athletes safe during sports and gameplay. 360 Sports & SynGrass, based in Revere, MA, is a leader in the field of sports courts technology and installation. They have revolutionized the industry by providing clients throughout New England with affordable and durable athletic courts.

Professional grade sports courts enhance the value of homes and condos and improve the aesthetic of public parks, schoolyards, and corporate parks.

Consider these three reasons why more people are jumping at the chance to have a professional sports court installed by 360 Sports & SynGrass:

  • Safety & Performance: Research shows that regularly playing sports on cement and asphalt inflicts unnecessary stress on the athlete’s joints. Over time, this can result in chronic pain and injury. Dedicated sports courts, on the other hand, are shock absorbing, which reduces fatigue and provides additional bounce for increased jumping and pivoting abilities.
  • Durability:State of the art sports courts are specifically made to stand up to even the most enthusiastic recreational use. Cement frequently cracks under the stress of temperature changes and requires frequent resurfacing, but professional grade athletic courts are incredibly low maintenance.
  • Unlimited Customization Options: 360 Sports & SynGrass gives their clients the ability to fully customize their sports court. You can opt for a traditional single purpose court (backyard basketball courts, tennis courts, etc.) or have them help you design a multipurpose activity court. You can even have a company logo or family emblem printed on the court to add a unique personalized touch.

For more information on having an athletic court or putting green installed in your residential, commercial, or public space, call the experts from 360 Sports & SynGrass at (877) 937-4360.